In the forefront of mapping efficient digital pathways

Thoughtfully, every step of the way.

Digital Solutions

We are in the forefront of providing high quality, modern technology solutions for running your business critical processes, workflows & transactions, cutting across various domains.

ROI Driven

We leverage our deep expertise and prebuilt platforms in building better, stronger, ROI-driven B2B and B2C digital products, not in months but in weeks.


We employ highly collaborative, agile practices and tools to make sure you get incremental value along the digital transformation journey.


We are in it for forging long lasting & win-win relationships and we ensure all our solutions are thoughtfully crafted around business value, user experience & ROI.

Verticals We Serve

Our Expertise

Tacten is an eminent technology solution provier. We deliver enterprise grade web / app solutions using the right mix of front-end and back-end technologies & tools for market pioneers and entrepreneurs wanting rapid solutions be built.

ERP Consulting
Full Stack Web / App Development
Analytics and BI
Front-End Development

We help transform web and mobile apps leveraging Jam-stack & cross-platform mobile development frameworks that complies with SEO standards across search engines with progressive web application patterns.

  • Vue
  • Vite
  • Flutter

  • PWA
  • Tailwind
Back-End Development

Our back-end development isn’t just about building database driven applications. We employee best in class tech stack for our backend in order to achieve rapid feature delivery in to a production state.

  • Frappe
  • ERPNext

  • Python
  • Mariadb
Analytics & BI

The different data sources and stores in any IT landscape - needs a place where it all can be pulled, queried and aggregate for various business intelligence and MIS reports that help key in making business decisions on the fly - we help with pulling all data sources in a real time as well as in a scheduled manner on to a common data warehouse - and deploying user friendly business intelligence apps for various BI and reporting purposes.

  • Metabase
  • Datasette
Cloud and Integration
  • Stripe
  • AWS
  • GetResponse
  • GCP

Tacten Advantages

Customer Success Guaranteed.

Specialized focus

We don’t try to “do it all.” We take pride in doing what we do with excellence and thoughtfulness at each step of the way

Architecture for the future

If you get a product architecture not set up for the entire vision this means major rework when you grow and feature additions break the architectur

Partner at strategic level

our understanding of the customer business model and impacts help sculpt current and future state of application and organization

Business perspective and depth of capabilities

Including app development as well as all other offerings re: audio, video, brand, print

Experience architecting and developing larger app/server systems

Lone wolf software developers rarely have the experience in system level details

Project management care

Beyond the design and development team you will have a dedicated team member representing your needs and keeping you in the loop as the project advances

Build what you need

Others can build you what you’re asking, but you better know what you’re asking for - Tacten facilitates the conversations and ask the questions to do the digging necessary to discover what you need

100% in house

The entire project will be worked on within our walls from design to development

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